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Photojournalism: Cleveland Women’s Rights March

There’s something incredible happening in America right now. I’ve been watching it happen – on the streets, within my friendship circle…even with my own home. Women are finding their voice. Many for the first time in many years, but most have never really had the need to speak out. Some – the youngest of the lot – were too young even to remember George Bush in the White House. And while one would hardly say things have been great for women in America, they certainly have experienced less of an affront on rights than previous generations. But now is the time to speak out, and now is the time to defend one’s rights, especially women’s rights. And it is happening. And I guess if you’re reading this out there and wondering what to do, let me say you’re not alone. I’m a man and yet I too feel a powerful urge to defend women’s rights (and equal rights for all).

I was lucky enough to be able to both shoot and support the Women’s Rights march this weekend in Cleveland, and was absolutely stunned by the attitude. Protestors of all ages, classes, genders, religions and races walked together, shaking the hands of law enforcement as they marched. People sang, cheered, chanted and celebrated. Surely this is true democratic revolution? Surely it’s the only way?

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