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732/21 Second Street, Manchester,
King Street, Kingston United Kingdom


Pi Fb In Fl


For a decade now, I have been working as a freelance photographer, writer and career creative. When it comes to personal creative endeavours, I am passionate about telling the story of life on Earth, as well as the environmental, social and geopolitical obstacles humankind is facing. I rely on interdisciplinary skills and experience to do so in an engaging, aesthetically-pleasing manner; my drive comes from communicating things of social importance and making a difference in the world. I also like to make artisan, hand-carved jewellery in my spare time and finish opals, using only analogue methods.

After five years as the brand manager for NOP, Inc. (consulting for many start-ups and non-profits on branding and communications along the way), I left to further nurture my creative career and aspirations back in my homeland of Europe. Currently working as the CMO of VOCIER, I’m passionately creative, hard-working and highly-organised.

I travel often and with great pleasure across Europe and the the rest of the world. I have proficiency and experience in digital photography and videography, audio production for podcast and broadcast media, copywriting for publication/communications and currently am focussing on completing my full-stack web and Python development skill-sets.

Over the past decade I have invested significant time and effort to ensure that I offer more than just creative skill to a team. Certified in Basic Life Support and Psychological First Aid, I have experience working in and reporting on challenging or hostile environments. I am currently looking for short-term humanitarian projects (field work or creative) that can be substituted for annual holidays.

I speak, read and write both French and Italian to a high level. Conversational abilities in Spanish, German and Dutch further allow me to communicate easily in many countries.


  • Career Communicator with Multichannel Proficiency
  • Experienced in NGO/Non-Profit Communications
  • Published Freelance Photojournalist & Writer
  • Multi-Disciplinary Creative Proficiency (Photo/Video/Audio)
  • Basic Life Support Certification (American Red Cross)
  • Psychological First Aid Certification (Johns Hopkins University)
  • Experience Operating in Challenging Field Environments
  • Competent Mountaineer & Outdoorsman

Selected Publications & Media