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Film Friday: Analogue Revival – Antiques Store Find

So I’m working on an exciting project right now over at @analoguerevival – last week I stumbled upon a collection of old film slides in an antiques store. After some brief rummaging through the slides, I purchased as much of the collection as I could afford. It’s not the first time I’ve purchased someone else’s old film, but it is the first time that I’ve gotten excited about it. Like, REALLY excited. The photographs are fantastic, span several decades and multiple continents. I’ll get into this more in a further blog post, but so that the SEO gets working I’ll put this out there now: if you are a surviving family member of Professor Marco Nobili (Grosse Pointe, Michigan, Wayne State University, Michigan State University) I would be very eager to talk to you. I have hundreds of family slides that I would like give you.

If film is your thing and you dig history, head on over to @analoguerevival where I’ll be posting as many slides as I can scan!

They truly are quite fantastic:

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