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Film Fridays: Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images

Polaroid Land 230
Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images

I’ve never really shared too much of my film work beyond Instagram, but it has been a passion of mine for almost 10 years and now that I have a permanent home for my photography I think it’s time I shared. I’ve owned Polaroid cameras for years, but it was only three years ago that I picked up a Polaroid Land camera that still could be used. It was love at first sight with little guy, and he has jumped between our gear shelf and my camera bag ever since.

Of course Fujilfilm would announce barely two years later that they were discontinuing production of FP-100C, and by the time I made it to Amazon the price per pack had tripled. I shoot a lot less these days (being cost-prohibitive compared to 120mm Medium Format) but you can always tell if I’m particularly excited about a shoot by the presence of this little gem. At around $20-30 for a working used copy there are very few reasons not to pick one up, and it’s not like they’re producing more any time soon. Look for the words “film tested” or for listings that include all original accessories and the box – this usually means a lightly used or untouched camera is headed your way.

Enough chit chat, let’s get down to why you came here: sample images. If you’re anything like me, when considering a film camera you probably jump on Google to see just what the camera is capable of…or perhaps better put; to see what other photographers have created with it. I don’t claim my photos are of high quality, but certainly they exemplify what the Polaroid Land 230 is capable of. Enjoy!

Street Art - Harlem, NYC (Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images)

Graffiti Heart - Harlem, NYC (Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images)

Moped - Harlem, NYC - (Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images)

One of my favourite features about the Polaroid Land 230 is that you can easily do in-camera double exposures (theoretically there is no limit to how many exposures you can make). Simply cock the shutter a second time without removing the film from the first shot (and under-expose a touch) and you’re good to go! I under-exposed too much in the following attempt, but it’s a learning curve:

Studio Portrait and Double Exposure Mishap - Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images

No, photoshop is not an option.

Perhaps a post for another time, but using household bleach and a few other materials you probably have somewhere at home, you can also recover negatives from FP-100C:

Recovered Negatives from Fujifilm's FP-100C Instant Film


Natural Light Portrait - Polaroid Land 230 Example Images

Boudoir Polaroid Photography - Polaroid Land 230

Boudoir Polaroid Photography - Polaroid Land 230

A Personal Favourite

Park Bench – Cleveland, OH – Polaroid Land 230 Sample Images

Brilliant photos or not, the Polaroid Land 230s (and 95% of all Polaroid Land cameras that accept this film format) are excellent cameras and can manage in a wide range of lighting conditions. They’re built like tanks, can be converted easily to use AAA batteries (perhaps a forthcoming post if there’s interest) and are incredibly simple to use for beginner and pro alike.

Shoot Film Co., RIP Fujifilm  FP-100C Pin

As more and more film companies drop production and products, it’s important to keep film alive. I keep this RIP FP-100C pin on my camera bag with tentative hope that it might one day become redundant itself.

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