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Filmstreet Premium Lightroom Presets Free

New Film Look Lightroom Presets (CC/Mobile/ACR)

For a limited time I am offering my new film look lightroom presets pack absolutely free!
(This offer has now expired, but feel free to join my mailing list for a 50% discount on any pack!)

I grew up shooting film on cameras that sell for a couple of bucks these days. I miss the dark hours in my bathroom, mixing up magic potions that would make a moment in time come back to life. I’ve also been a street photographer for more than a decade, and when it’s not convenient to shoot film I still like to give my digital work the same gritty, contrast-filled style that street photographers have been putting out for over a century. My new FilmStreet pack is absolutely ideal for street photography, photojournalism and other travel photography. I’ll be releasing a dedicated photojournalism pack soon, but in the mean time I hope you love these! This pack was another nostalgic project for me. Time is passing you guys, and just like memories I feel as though some things shouldn’t slip away. Inspired by film and the men and women who mastered it, these film look lightroom presets are a nod to timeless photographs shot using timeless methods.



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