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Autumn Fashion Photography

Autumn Fashion: @Anastasiasouris

Being a photographer has brought me into contact with some of the sweetest, most genuine people on the planet. Anastasia is certainly one of those people, and not only is she “good people” but my goodness can the woman model! I literally walked away from this shoot with too many photos to even consider retouching but bit-by-bit I managed to narrow down a few favourites from our Autumn fashion and street style shoot:

[village_carousel size=”large”]


As much as the mountains call my name on a daily basis, there’s something inimitable about the rougher manufacturing districts of bigger cities. Add a little drizzle half way through the shoot – what more can you want? Re-shooting this I would have filled some of the shots with an external light source or reflector, but still not bad for jumping out of the car here and there on a moody autumn day I think!

If you are a model or designer interested in a collaboration just leave me a message in the comments section or drop me a line – I’ll be travelling throughout Europe in 2017!

Model: @anastasiasouris
Location: Cleveland, Ohio – USA.

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