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Bronze, Garnet & Italian Black Marble Skull Ring


Inspired by a childhood love of history and archaeology, this Gothic skull ring is a tribute to the timeless gargoyles found all around Oxfordshire, England. The eyes are set with responsibly-sourced natural 1.4tcw Tanzanian garnets, and 1tcw North American onyx adorn the band on either side.


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Inspired by a childhood spent scampering around the Italian alps (in which I now reside), this rugged, high-polish bronze skull ring is absolutely unique. Individually hand-carved, there will NEVER be another like it. Cast in ancient bronze, this will arrive to you feeling as though it has just left an artisan’s bench, not picked out of a catalog or a shiny glass case next to dozens of others just like it. The black marble was self-collected in Italy, the garnets responsibly-sourced from a family-owned mine. When I started making jewellery, it was to create my own artifacts; the same treasures that I grew up visiting in the Pitts-River or the Ashmolean Museums. My treasures may not end up in museums one day, but I do hope they will bring you a lifetime of joy.

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Bronze, Tanzanian Garnet & Onyx




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